How I Got My Real Estate License In Missouri

Dated: August 11 2021

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How I Got My Real Estate License in Missouri 

Your local Realtor -Kate Meyer 

Getting your real estate license isn’t easy by any means! People believe that it's easier because you don’t have to go through college or get a degree to be a real estate agent. However, you do have to go through training, courses, and other licensing requirements to become a realtor. 

I’ll start by telling you why I decided to become a realtor. I was in my last year of college at Southeast Missouri State University. I originally wanted to go into medical device sales so I was getting my Bachelors of Science in Health Communication and a minor in marketing sales management. I was surrounded by the pandemic, like everyone else, and the thought of going into healthcare scared me to my core! I knew I wanted to help people, I just didn't know how I could while still being passionate about what I do. My parents are both property investors and they told me how hard it is for buyers to get a house in today's market. That got me thinking. I could help families and young people like me find the home of their dreams! 

I knew I would love being a realtor because I love the different styles of homes around my city, I love the people in my community, and I love being able to be my own boss. 

After I made my decision to get my license, I got to work figuring out the steps I would need to take to actually obtain my license. Step 1, find the two necessary courses to take either through an online course or in person course. I personally took my courses through Real Estate Express. Specifically the Exam preparation course for Missouri to get your license, it was around $200 to take this course. Once I completed the courses I took the course examination and then got emailed my certificate of completion for both of the courses. 

The next step to get a real estate license in Missouri is to study and take the Missouri State exam and National exam with a passing score of 70% on the National exam and 75% on the State exam. Each time you take the exam it is about $90. 

After you pass the National and State exams then you will need to get your fingerprints done (costs about $45), place your license with a brokerage, and join an association. I joined WCR for my brokerage because they only take a small transaction fee instead of a percentage of my commission like other brokerages. They also don't have a crazy amount of hidden fees. I only pay $400 yearly for the brokerage, $200 a year for Docusign to handle my contracts and documents, and then my transaction fee. Then I joined the St. Louis Association of realtors. That cost me over a grand because of new member fees, supra keys, ect… } Also keep in mind the other fees you may have for signs, marketing, transportation, and referral fees. 

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How I Got My Real Estate License In Missouri

How I Got My Real Estate License in Missouri Your local Realtor -Kate Meyer  Getting your real estate license isn’t easy by any means! People believe that it's easier because you don

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